Welcome to your personal Finnish gynaecologist, with the services available in both Finnish and English languages.



Examples of gynaecological procedures we offer at Clinique Itu Inc.

* Gynaecological yearly check-ups

* Acute and chronic gynaecological problems

* Pregnancy prevention, hormone replacement therapy

* Pregnancy follow-ups, problems in pregnancy

* Colposcopy (Pap smear changes, lichen sclerosis)

* Cystoscopy (urinary problems)

* Urinary incontinence diagnostics and treatments (medication, laser, operations)

* Pelvic organ prolapse, diagnosis and treatment (laser, POP-operations)

* Vulvodynia, condyloma

* Sexual problems, such as vaginal laxity, or wideness of vaginal opening (laser and surgical treatment)

* Female genital PRP: O-shot



* Gynaecological ultrasound (Medison)

* Gynaecological new era smooth-laser treatments for stress urinary incontinence and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (Fotona SP Dynamis Pro)

* Inmode RF equipmet for Bodytite, Fractora and FormaV

* Digital colposcope (Edan)

* Cystoscope (Pentax)