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Excellence in gynaecology and aesthetic medicine.

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Friendly attitude without hurry combined with the latest technology. A guarantee of a safe environment for appointment with doctor.

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Intimate surgery

Gynecological intimate surgery for diseases and aesthetic purposes are what we do on daily basis. This is why we succeed while others try.
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Aesthetic medicine

Special injection therapies combined with the latest technology like HIFU, laser and RF offer the best to your body shaping.

The new era of female intimate care.

…or male.

Why Clinique Itu Inc.

  • World-wide experience in gynaecology and intimate surgery.
  • Time and care as never experienced.
  • Latest methods and technologies.
  • Aesthetic medicine, safely. Caringly.
  • Appreciated by people demanding excellence – in everything.


The most important value is the humane attitude. Welcome.

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Lasarus Mitrofanoff

M.D., Ph.D., Gynaecologist, expert in aesthetic medicine

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Svetlana Remshu

Cosmetologist, CCAAM certification, doctor’s assistant

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Alena Remshu

Nurse, dental hygienist, doctor’s assistant

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Maksim Doronkin

Assistant, dental hygienist student

Appreciated by people demanding excellence – in everything.

Gynekologiaa alan huipulta Lasarus Mitrofanoff
Lasarus Mitrofanoff
Alena Remshu
Alena Remshu

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