Injections for beauty

Get rid of wrinkles naturally: botulin and fillers, and you’ll blossom! In our clinic, all these treatments are done by aesthetic doctor Lasarus. This should be taken in consideration when comparing the prices with the other clinics- where the treatments usually are given by a nurse or even a cosmetologist.


The botulin is used to get rid of the mimical wrinkles- like glabellar, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. The botulin injections are very safe in the hands of a specialized aesthetic doctor. The treatment is painless and is done in about 10 minutes. The result of a treatment does not appear immediately, but after 2 to7 days after the initial injections. The final best result can be seen in two weeks after the procedure.


Sometimes a client wants an immediate riddance of the wrinkles, which can be achieved by our safe fillers. The fillers are also used to fill the drooping cheeks, and this is usually the most frequently desired treatment, as it gives very impressive results instantly. Many of the female clients like to enhance their lips a little bit, not to an excess. In our clinic we only aim for the natural looking results.

Combination procedures

The Botox and the fillers are often combined, because the treatments are different for every client, and they should be planned carefully. If you know what you want, although we sometimes may disagree, you can get it. In general, the majority of the “thank yous” we receive, comes from the clients who let us (cosmetologist + aesthetic doctor) make a plan for the whole treatment. It might not be the cheapest option, but certainly a best one- in the long run. The combination of the botulin and the filler is the best solution for many 40+ female clients.