Laser beauty

Clinique Itu is specialised in many different types of laser treatments. We use two types of lasers: 808 nm diode laser (ADSS) for the hair removal, and Fotona SP Dynamis Pro (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG) for a greater variety of dermatological and aesthetical treatments.

Hair removal

The unsightly hair on the various areas on a female body can cause a source of discomfort and a lower self-esteem issues for some women. The modern laser technology makes it possible to remove the hair follicles for good. The treatment usually starts with a consultation together with our aesthetic doctor. It is decided which one of our two laser equipment suits the patient best. The treatment protocol is then planned, usually consisting of at least four treatments, with about one month interval between the visits. The first treatment is performed by the doctor and the assistant, after the first procedure the client can decide, whether future treatments are performed by the assistant or the doctor. The doctor’s treatments are usually 25 % more expensive than the assistants. We achieve good or excellent results with the different types of hair. However, the black hair is the type which is most easily removed by lasers.

Laser peelings

The laser peelings can be used to remove fine to medium deep wrinkles. Peelings can be done by either the laser or by the chemical agents. Our protocol contains a vigorous priming before and after the treatments, to avoid pigment disorders, doctor will explain in more details. The laser peelings can be divided into:  a) full beam peelings and:  b) fractional beam peelings.

Full beam peelings

A full beam treatment peels away the whole first layer of the skin. This is the most efficient method to get rid of superficial and medium deep wrinkles at once. One treatment is usually enough for many years, however- recovery takes longer, meaning that the treated area needs 10 days to renew and to heal. This usually means that the facial skin looks much more different than usual, and many patients want to avoid social contacts for at least one week. A full recovery is achieved in one month and the final best results are seen 3 to 6 months after the treatment.

Fractional peeling

Nowadays most of us do not have time to avoid social contacts for ten days. In the fractional peel, the skin is treated by small fractional areas, leaving live tissue between these areas. For a best result, 2 to 3 treatments are needed usually, with 2 to 3 months apart. The recovery is fast: the treated area experiences a bit of redness for 1-2 days, and then goes back to normal. Fractional laser is an excellent choice for a modern woman, having a tight schedule by multitasking at home and work.


A first treatment for the acne in our opinion should be treatment with local medications, thereafter with certain antibiotics, and if these do not help-dermatologists can offer a very efficient vitamin based medication. However, if one does not want these kind of therapies, or they have not given a satisfactory result- laser treatment is one of the options on the active acne.  In the treatment of acne scars, laser is a most powerful tool so far in the scar diminishing, or a complete removal of those.

Cellulite removal

The small areas of the cellulite tissue can cause an unsightly appearance in legs, chin and other visible areas of a body. The TightSculptTM is a modern and a painless way of treating the problem. The subcutaneous adipose tissue is heated, and immediately after this the skin is tightened. Usually 2-4 treatments with 1,5 week in between sessions, are needed for the best result.


This is a very common problem, which can create many problems for our female patients. In our treatment protocol we use both internal medication (pills) – if not contraindicated, and laser therapy. This is because of the difficulty of treatment of the problem. The laser treatment (ClearStepsTM) consists of 6 visits usually, with 4 of them in the first 2 weeks, and the rest- during the next month. If the patient started with the medication, it should be continued for 1 to 4 months. We have the best protocol in Finland for treating onychomycosis.

Benign tumour removal

Usually these are small or larger naevi or skin tags. First we evaluate, whether or not the tumours are benign, and for that specific purpose we use dermoscopy, and sometimes also consult a dermatologist. The procedure is simple. A numbing cream, a small injection, and then removal of the lesion by vaporizing. The healing process is very fast, with 1 to 3 weeks period- and the results are superb. One treatment usually is enough.


The “spiders” refers to the small blood capillaries, which often have a spider like appearance. The “spiders” are most frequently associated with couperosa skin, and their usual site of appearance is the facial area-mostly around the nose or inside of the nasal passages. The treatment is fast, and painless (numbing cream). Usually one treatment for this type of the problem is enough.

Warts, seborrhoid verrucoids

We treat this sort of a problem several times per week. Even the city public hospital refers almost all their patients to us, because our treatment is modern- and gets rid of the problem fast. Usually one treatment is enough, but with some particular cases we have had to give two treatments.