Cosmetogynaecological surgery

Cosmetic (aesthetic) gynaecology is mainly operative in nature. However, there are some conditions which may be treated by the other surgical procedures, and they are explained in depth on a different page. All cosmetogynecological surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthesia.

We are proud to offer you services of a highly professional and knowledgeable cosmetogynecologist in Finland! He has performed the gynaecological and cosmetogynecological procedures of a vulva for many years. Together with a skilled and friendly staff, he offers a discreet and a pleasant surgery experience.

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Labioplasty of labia minora (labiaplasty)

Enlarged labia minora can cause a physical discomfort: pain, dyspareunia, hygiene problems etc. Sometimes they are just aesthetically unsightly. The only medical treatment for this type of issue is a surgery. However- before considering a surgery, the patient should think about the possible consequences of the treatment: pain, itching, leucorrhoea, dyspareunia and possible hematomas which frequently occur after surgery.  These problems usually last for about 2-5 weeks at most, however- sometimes the final aesthetic appearance is achieved after 1-2 years after surgery.


The vulva is covered with a numbing cream and a sedative medication is administered orally. The labia minora can be treated in several ways depending on the expectations of the final outcome: in the “Rim look” the labia minora are left long enough to protrude outside the line of the labia majora, in the “Hybrid look” the minora are at most on the edge of the majora, and the “Barbie look” means that the minora are almost completely removed. The surgical techniques vary. In our clinic the most often performed technique is the “curvilinear excision” invented by Dr. Alinsod. The scalpel used is preferably electrocautery with a special tip for the accuracy. Sometimes the clitoral hood reduction is also performed if needed. After the surgery, which usually lasts for 2 to 3 hours, the patient is observed for 2 hours, and then dismissed by our doctor.

Labioplasty of labia majora (labiaplasty)

Labiaplasty is mostly performed for the cosmetic reasons. It is a good alternative for a liposuction which usually does not produce as good results as expected. In majoraplasty in our clinic the excess skin (and sometimes fat) is removed from between the labia minora and labia majora with electrocautery scalpel using u-plasty.

Clitoral hood reduction (plasty)

Clitoral hood surgery is meant to be done by the most experienced surgeons-as the clitoral nerve, arising from the pudendal nerve, is located very near the surface of the skin at the area excised. This operation is most often performed in the labia minora plasties, in order to remove excess loose skin around the clitoris. Some female patients may have advantage of the plasty, if they have an issue to reach an orgasm, or orgasms sensations are weaker than before. However, before surgery, all of the conservative methods (sexual therapy, psychotherapy) should be discussed and considered, as they usually lead to good results- depending on the problems behind the symptoms.


Vaginal laxity (loose vagina) is a problem for some of the female patients, which occurs usually after giving birth. It is unknown why most of the women with similar medical findings of vulvovaginal laxity do not have any kind of sexual or cosmetic problems. However, for some females this causes severe issues. If the problem is merely cosmetic (wide opening of the vulva), or the laxity only concerns the opening of the vagina at the level of hymeneal ring- then the perineoplasty surgery usually solves the troubling symptoms.

The procedure

The perineum, the hymeneal ring and the distal rear end of the vagina are opened surgically. Vaginal wall under mucosa is reinforced with the stitches, and the perineal body is repaired. Finally, the mucosa and the skin are stitched close. The recovering period after the procedure is 1 to 3 weeks- no hard work, exercise, or sexual intercourse is allowed during that time frame.


The perineum, hymeneal ring and the distal rear end of vagina are opened surgically. The vaginal wall under mucosa is reinforced with the stitches, and the perineal body is repaired. At the final stage the mucosa and the skin are stitched close. If the problem exists in both the external genitalia, hymeneal ring and also in the midsection of the vagina, then a more pronounced technique, is needed. This surgery procedure is similar to the perineoplasty, but the vaginal wall is treated for about 4-6 cm instead of 1-3 cm.  The recovery period after the surgery is 3 weeks- no hard work, exercise or sexual intercourse is allowed during that time frame.


For some female patients it is crucial, that during the first marital sexual act the vaginal opening is tight, with a small amount of blood appearing after the intercourse- as a sign of virginity. This is often influenced by the cultural or the religious traditions.  This specific surgery is done under the sedation and local anaesthesia. The hymen gets reconstructed via microsurgery. The success rate (the bleeding after the sexual intercourse) is very high with over 95 %, but still, we cannot guarantee 100 % that the bleeding will occur with every female patient who has undergone this type of the procedure.