Minor intimate area procedures


The Bartholini glands are situated in a vulva. These glands produce mucus to the external genitalia. Sometimes the glandular opening closes by itself, and the gland swells up- causing oedema and pain. The best way to treat this problem is a small surgery called “marsupialization”, when the glandular cyst is as its largest state. Operation is done under local anaesthesia- the gland is opened, and left open thereafter. In 1 to 2 weeks the bottom of the gland dries and the problem usually does not resurface. Sometimes only the antibiotics help, but only for the short time period of 2-6 months, until the cyst resurfaces.

Conization (loop, leep)

Changes in the Pap-smear or dysplasia in the biopsies of cervix of the uterus may call for the cervical conization procedure. The colposcope is used to observe the changes in the external cervix. In the cervical conization the cervix and portio are numbed with lidocaine injections (PCB=paracervical blockade). Then a small portion of the lower cervix is removed with an electric sling (LOOP, LEEP). This will dispose of the dysplasia. A control colposcopy following the procedure is necessary after the 6 months.


External haemorrhoids of the anal area are treated under the local anaesthesia. The veins are removed, and the tissue sealed closed. Internal haemorrhoids may be treated also under local anaesthesia using the proctoscope, through which the instrument is introduced. A rubber ligature is inserted into the deformed vein, causing it to dissolve in a couple of days. After procedure the anal region may be sore for the span of a few days.