Our amendment

“The third amendment” in the Finnish medicine

Given the previously mentioned properties, what more could one possibly hope for?

Our personnel is well educated, and has a deep respect for the human values. We are committed to helping our patients, always with a consideration of their personal needs and requirements. Thereby, we make every effort to create for our patients a pleasant and unique experience of the whole medical process of returning them to their best health.

In practice, this means that we take care of our patient even before their first appointment during the conversations with the doctor. During the appointment we give as much time as the patient requires. We strive to avoid medical jargon, and instead speak in a simple and easy to understand English. After the procedure the nurse and the doctor are available and proceed with a personal care for the patient, until their dismission from the clinic. During convalescence our nurse will be in contact with the patient daily as long as necessary to assure their well-being. If a problem should arise, the patient will be given advice on how to proceed.

This is our ‘third amendment’, which we follow with the greatest pride!