Our city

Welcome to the city of medieval wooden houses, maritime atmosphere, festivals and the world famous handmade lace! Rauma is also known for its numerous petite shopping boutiques, and luxurious hairdresser and beauty parlours.

Rauma is an old maritime town in south-west Finland, with the population of approximately 40 000. Rauma was founded in 1442 in the coastal area of a Bothnian sea. The inhabitants speak Finnish, however the specific accent makes it often sound like Rauma’s own special language.



Summer city

The city of Rauma welcomes you anytime! But to see the city in its full splendour, the best times for the visits are during spring, summer and autumn times. Especially during the summer- when the city has many festivals to offer! The Rauma Lace Week is a traditional festival being organized around the lace theme, every year. The festival itself occurs in July. The Rauma Blues is usually a two day Blues music festival, which occurs in August.

RMJ (Raumanmeren Juhannus) is a traditional pop-music festival in Finland, with many world famous artists such as David Guetta etc. In the Year 2007 the festival reached its peak of popularity gathering 100 000 fans from all around Finland!

The City of Beauty

Due to the public and private schools of cosmetology, visitors may notice during their walk in Rauma that on almost every corner there is either a hairdresser or a beauty parlour – where anyone can find a boutique or a beauty parlour to suit their needs.

old rauma


If you like sports, Rauma can offer several choices. Numerous gyms are provided with a possibility for personal training- including group training. Orienteering is possible in very challenging surroundings. The city of Rauma has a public swimming pool centre, also there is a golf field for the lovers of golf. 

Should you be interested in museums, several possibilities exists. The famous maritime museum, the art museum and museums presenting the 19th century citizens life in Rauma. If you are interested in art- several art galleries are available, most of which are available to you by a scheduled private appointment.

The theatre is great cultural experience! All year long we have our city theatre running numerous different plays, and during summer you can either enjoy our summer theatres, or many of the smaller theatres in the neighbouring cities and villages.