Highly educated, friendly staff

Our private clinic Itu is a small specialised company. The basic staff consists of the founder, gynaecologist and managing director Dr. Lasarus, his assistant Svetlana and the assistant nurse Alena. Here you can find more information about the staff of our clinic.

Dr. Lasarus Mitrofanoff

Dr. Lasarus Mitrofanoff, or “Lasu” is the founder and the head of the clinic, as well as a gynaecologist and a gynaecologic surgeon. Dr.Lasarus has always been interested in the subject of the intimate surgery, and has subspecialised in aesthetic gynaecology by attending international courses and practicing as an aesthetic gynaecologist in several clinics.

Lasarus Mitrofanoff

Svetlana Remshu

Svetlana Remshu is responsible for the several duties in our clinic. One could say, that everything in the clinic and in the operation room is touched by Svetlana. Svetlana assists Dr. Lasarus with minor surgical operations, and often takes care of the patients before and after the surgery.

Svetlana Remshu

Alena Remshu

Alena is a nurse and studies to be a dental hygienist. She is very interested in both dental and gynaecological surgery. She has been trained by Dr. Lasu to be an excellent instrument assistant in very demanding gynaecological operations. Alena also nurses patients before and after surgery. She has also an important role in our clinic as the performer of all of the teeth whitening procedures.

Personnel 1

Marika Sosala

Marika Sosala is a nurse by basic education. Later she had a midwife’s certification from Rauman ammatti-instituutti in 1995. She has since been working in many fields of surgical nursing, midwifery and female policlinics. In our clinic she is responsible for nursing the patients. Dr. Mitrofanoff has also trained her to be an expert assistant in very demanding gynecological and aesthetic gynecological operations.

Marika is a kind of person, that everyone likes: colleagues, co-workers and especially the patients. She performs all her duties with utmost accuracy, and is a very caring and humane person.

Marika speaks Finnish and English.

Sairaanhoitaja Marika-Sosala