Rauma- where is it?

Old Rauma

Rauma is located in the south-west of Finland. It’s situated 90 kilometres north from Turku City and 45 kilometres south of Pori City. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is 255 kilometres from Rauma. Rauma lies beside western highway of Finland, the road 8, “kasitie”- as it’s usually called in Finnish.

How to get to Rauma?

Getting to Finland is easy from anywhere in the world. It is possible to fly to Helsinki, and then take a bus via Turku. It is also possible to rent a car with a navigational system, from the airport. There are several existing bus connections from Helsinki, Tampere, Pori and Turku to Rauma each day.

Where to stay

It’s your personal choice of how you want to experience your health vacation in the city of Rauma. If there is no need for an overnight stay in our guest room near the OR, you may organize your vacation as it fits you best. Here you will find the possibilities of a hotel accommodation, if such is desired.